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Shipping & Processing Information

Processing time:

There is a 2-3 business day processing time in all orders. There may be certain exceptions when processing time may take longer therefore extending the time frame for orders to be shipped out. Delay processing time factors may include: pending order approval, wrong shipping address, non existing shipping address, customer’s payment transaction verification, backed order products, among others.

Customers Shipping Information:

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ENTER THE CORRECT INFORMATION. We encounter many shipping problems because the customers forgets, mistypes or does not include apartment number, suite number, zip code, etc… When the wrong information is typed, we will not not know and it will be shipped out to the address that appears on the order. We are not responsible for any lost packages if any of the just mentioned happens. If you notice you made a mistake in your order information, please email us immediately to try and intercept your package or fix the problem before it has been shipped out. Package interception may be possible but not guaranteed, therefore you may lose your package. If the package is intercepted, you will pay for intercept cost plus the cost to re ship the order. Note, that we ship very quickly or some times we are not able to see the emails before we have shipped out the packages therefore to avoid any problems, carefully go over your shipping information before making your purchase. Finally, change in address is also possible, yet not guaranteed. (Requesting an address change will increase the processing time) Customers may request a change in address if the order has not been shipped out, if the or already shipped out it will go directly to the address provided for the order. Even if there is an email sent right away as mentioned before, we ship quickly or at times we may not see the email until after the order was shipped out therefore make sure to type the correct address.

Shipping time and cost:

Desert Barber Supply provides free 1-5 business day shipping on all domestic orders of $100 plus before tax. All orders under $100 pay shipping, customer may choose shipping rate and speed at check out. 

Next day shipping/second day shipping:

We do our best to get your orders shipped out as soon as possible and for the most part we do ship out the same day or next day when orders have been received and approved. However, we do have to mention the timeframe that it may take for an order to be shipped out while getting processed and approved. Keep in mind when choosing next day shipping and or second day shipping, this does not include the 1-2 business day processing time. Moreover, when an order is placed on a Saturday or Sunday it will not be processed until Monday or Tuesday and then shipped right after. 

As mentioned on our refund policy.

Desert Barber Supply is not responsible for any stolen, wrong delivery, inaccurately confirmed delivered or lost in transit packages after they have been placed in the possession of the chosen shipping company."

If you have any issues regarding the just mentioned, immediately contact the shipping carrier in order to let them know the problem. You can also contact us through email; if you need your tracking number.

Unfortunately there are certain situations that are out of our hands such as longer shipping time during holidays, high pike shipping seasons, lost packages, misdirected packages, custom retention, international/ long distance, etc. If you have this issue make sure to contact the shipping company right away. If you need help finding your tracking number make sure to email us to and we will be more than happy to help you. 

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