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Babyliss Black Foil & Cutter Replacement

Babyliss Black Foil & Cutter Replacement


Includes 2 Cutters

Gold Colored


Fits FXFS2 Models

Replacing Foil Head and Cutters:

  • Turn shaver to the OFF position. Press the foil head release button on the side of the shaver. The foil head should easily pull away from the body of the shaver.
  • Remove the used foil cutters. Hold the foil shaver with one hand; with your other hand, hold the old cutter by the two ends and lightly pull up and away from the foil body (repeat with second cutter). Cutters should be easily removable.
  • Remove new foil cutters from the package. Line up the cutter guide with the drive shaft and press down lightly until you hear it click into place. Repeat with the second cutter.
  • Remove the new foil head from the package. Place new replacement foil head assembly directly onto the foil body. Lightly press down until you hear the new replacement foil head assembly click into place. Turn on foil shaver and make sure it is working properly.

Color/Style: Black

Model: #FXRF2B

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